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  • $2999.00 - $4799.00
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    Please note: Builder Colormix software is not available for Mac, only PC.
  • From small and complex to "the sky's the limit" the Builder Premium 3D printer - with its full-color touchscreen - enables users to create the most extravagant and outrageous art, objects, and architecture.

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  • The Builder Premium is an updated Big Builder - one of the most unique and reliable 3D printers we've seen - featuring numerous refinements and thoughtful additions. It's available in three sizes, making sure you get the full feature set you expect from Builder with the space to make what you need.

    Small, Medium, Large

    It's available in three sizes, so you can choose the Builder Premium that's the right fit for your project. The print volume of X and Y axis are the same, 210x210 mm but the difference is in the Z axis: the Builder Premium Small has a maximum build height of 200 mm, the Medium 400 mm and the Large 600 mm.


    4.3 inch full color touch screen

    The Builder Premium has an integrated 4.3 inch full-color touch screen which has been placed on top of the Builder for easy access. The touch screen is the control center of the Builder Premium: heating the nozzle, inserting filaments and heating the bed can all be done by a simple touch (after unlocking the touch screen with your personal code, of course).


    Heated bed, fully closed, camera

    To maintain a stable temperature while printing the Builder Premium is fully closed. The combination of a heated bed and a stable temperature inside the Builder avoids warping and improves the adhesion of the print. Printing while you are not at home/the office? Check your print using the on-board camera and/or control your Builder using your phone or tablet while on the road.


    Dual-Feed Extruder

    The Builder Premium comes with the unique Dual-Feed designed by Builder 3D Printers. What makes this Dual-Feed Extruder unique? The Dual-Feed is able to print 2 colors/materials through 1 nozzle. For example, printing PLA with PVA is not a problem. Printing with only 1 nozzle eliminates disadvantages like a second leaking nozzle and switching between nozzles. With Builder's color mixing software (included) you can create the most outrageous color mixed objects. The color mixing software changes the extruder ratio while printing which results in a very unique color hybrid.




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