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  • Create stunning printouts with the Robox, a feature-rich, attractive, and affordable 3D printer from CEL. Offers precision printing at a maximum resolution of 20 microns. Features a dual-nozzle smart extruder (single extruder) that increases the efficiency of the printer while still enabling fine detail finishing. Also features automatic platform leveling and supports PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC, and PVA materials.

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  • Cel Robox 3D Printer

    Robox is a 3D printer that combines the best next-generation features at a fraction of the cost. Designed totally from scratch with performance in mind, it's an exciting and much-anticipated model. But it's not just hype - CEL has delivered a truly stunning product at an equally attractive price point.


    Creating objects that are accurate to the software model requires extremely precise motion and the highest resolution possible. All Robox motors and axes are attached to a single stainless steel frame which is a reference surface for all motion; this is rigidly attached to injection moulded parts which form the body of the printer to create a super-stable platform. Additionally, the Robox boasts a surreal 20 micron maximum layer resolution, allowing for the smallest details to be created flawlessly.

    Smart Extrusion

    Robox features a proprietary dual-nozzle extruder which improves build speed by using a .3 mm nozzle for finely detailed surface work and a .8 mm nozzle for fast in-fill (up to 300% faster than typical build times). The nozzle valve system created by CEL cuts off filament completely, eliminating ooze and contributing to a much smoother surface finish - meaning less time spent on finishing work.


    CEL uses powerful custom-designed stepper motors in the Robox, meaning that your printer won't become obsolete just because there's an updated head available - the motors are equipped to handle it. Smart extrusion, automatic platform leveling, and carefully maintained build temperature all work together to ensure that your prints come out looking great. And if there's a problem during the print, don't worry! Robox allows for pause and resume, meaning a small error at the end of a job won't ruin the whole thing.


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  • Robox ABS - Hot Pink
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  • Robox ABS - Chroma Green
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  • Robox PLA - Black as Night
  • $59.00
  • Robox PLA - Cornflower Blue
  • $59.00
  • Robox PLA - Chroma Green
  • $59.00
  • Robox PLA - Dynamite Red
  • $59.00
  • Robox PLA - Polar White
  • $59.00
  • Robox PLA - Mellow Yellow
  • $59.00
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