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  • The Next Generation Series 1 3D Printer builds on the award winning original Series 1. Featuring a streamlined aluminum and acrylic body, a glass build surface, and updated electronics, the Series 1 is designed as a modular platform for innovation and is ready for upgrades as new technologies emerge (or as your inspiration takes you), so your 3D printer investment will be as cutting edge tomorrow as it is today.

  • Clean, Modern, Durable 3D Printing
    With a newly redesigned and precision laser cut and CNC folded metal chassis, the 2014 Series 1 sets a new standard for durability in desktop 3D printing. At your office or in your lab: use the powerful process of 3D printing to empower your clients and colleagues. The custom powder coated metal frame is easy to clean and sized perfectly for your desk..

    Massive Build Volume
    One cubic foot. Limiting your dreams is a thing of the past. Build a prototype, build a model, build a toy; the only limitation is your imagination!

    Network 3D Printing is Here!
    The new standard: Type A Machines is pushing the User Experience to new heights by introducing truly usable network printing. Simply connect your printer to your home network, click print, and walk away!.
    The Series 1 never sleeps. The Series 1 constantly monitors your prints giving you up-to-the-second updates on any device. Those long overnight prints have never been easier.

    Higher Torque Everything
    With a new stronger frame comes stronger motors. Thanks to a new power distribution system and upgraded motors the 2014 Series 1 is stronger than ever. Torque is always a good thing for a machine to have. The 2014 Series 1 pulls this off brilliantly in a few different ways, thanks to a new and much stronger power supply. The Series 1 now runs on 24 Volts – twice the voltage of its predecessor. This means that there is quadruple the power going to the motors and hot end. They run stronger, faster, and more reliably than any other printer out there.

    But the innovations don’t just stop at the motors and power. The pinch-wheel on the extruder is now smaller which, just like on the rear gears of a bicycle, means that the extruder grips the filament even harder and makes sure nothing skips.

    Easy Bed Leveling
    The 2013 Series 1 brought the easiest bed-leveling system on a 3D printer ever. On the Next Generation Series 1, it is even easier. The master Z-trigger adjustment is now on the top right of the build area where you can always get to it. First time set up is a breeze with easy calibration: no tools required. Gone are the days of setting your Z-height each time. Set it and forget it!

    All New precision Motion System
    Type A Machines are obsessed with quality. In the search for greater precision they've gone above and beyond the industry standard bearings and chrome shafts and brought in precision milled linear slides.
    Linear slides are designed to work under load and provide an incredibly smooth motion for thousands of hours. The precision plus your design yields awesome results.
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