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  • Ultimaker Enhanced Service Plan

  • $795.00 - $895.00
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  • Protect your investment with Ultimaker’s Enhanced Service Plan

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    Reduce downtime, stay productive

    The Ultimaker Enhanced Service Plan extends and enhances the standard warranty coverage on Ultimaker hardware so you can avoid unbudgeted repair costs and still get the best possible local service from our trained and certified partners.

    This peace of mind frees you to do what really matters: manage your business. Because when technology works, business works.

    Available with the Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 (including Extended models), you get an extra 12 months of warranty for your 3D printer with all repairs and shipping covered, plus an Ultimaker Maintenance Kit containing tools and spare parts for routine care.

    improved nozzle

    Ultimaker 3 Enhanced Service Plan

    • 24-month plan
    • Parts, labor and shipping costs covered for warrantied issues
    • Ultimaker 3 Maintenance Kit
    • $895

    Ultimaker 2+ Enhanced Service Plan

    • 24-month plan
    • Parts, labor and shipping costs covered for warrantied issues
    • Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit
    • $795

    improved cooling

    The support you need

    As well as extended coverage for a full two years, the Enhanced Service Plan plan also covers shipping costs which a standard warranty does not. Ultimaker's trained and certified network of local partners is there to support you in your time zone and repair your 3D printer to official guidelines using 100% original Ultimaker parts.

    How to order

    Existing owners can buy an Enhanced Service Plan for any Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 3 purchased from an official reseller in North America in the last six months (since March 21 2017). To take advantage of this offer, existing owners must purchase the Enhanced Service Plan by January 1 2018.

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