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  • The viliv S7 weighs just 1.76 lbs (800g), yet features fantastic 9.5 hours of battery life, integrated 3G connectivity, and a 7" swivel-touchscreen--making it a true "mobility-tablet".

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  • Viliv has crafted an amazing, ultra-portable, fully-functional internet device, and rich in features
    The viliv S7 weighs just 1.76lb (799g), yet features fantastic battery life, integrated 3G (optional), and swivel-touchscreen--making it a true "mobility-tablet". It's a fantastic fun and productivity tool for a short business trip, or a day spent running around the city for meetings.

    You already have a great laptop, but its too much hassle for a day trip. So, you rely on a smartphone. The smartphone is really great for email, but doesn't give you a full internet experience (including web 2.0 and flash), full ability to edit office apps, enough screen size to comfortably watch long movies, access to your corporate VPN, etc. Let's take a look at what the S7 offers:

    Ultra Mobility: 799g (1.76lb)
    The viliv S7 strikes the productive blend of usability and portability. At 799g, it's so small and light that you can conveniently hand-carry anywhere. (And it's worth mentioning that the form-fitting leather case looks surprisingly great.) The S7 measures just 9.1 x 5.6 x 1.0 in. (230 x 143 x 26mm). Thanks to its Intel(R) Atom(TM) 1.33GHz processor and 32GB of solid-state storage (SSD), the S7 gives you full Windows XP(TM) on-the-go.

    Battery Life: 9.5 hour (max); 7 hour (video playback)
    Of course, the benefit of portability is negated if you also have to carry around an AC adapter as well. With the S7, you don't need it! The S7 has a run-time of 7hours doing nonstop video playback at 80% brightness, and 9.5 hours under ideal conditions. (Of course, heavy use of Wi-Fi or 3G cuts into that time.)
    One of the S7's features that makes the device (and its category-crushing battery life) even more useful is its 4-second wakeup-from-standby under Windows XP. Need to take a quick note or show someone the dynamism webpage during your meeting? Pop open the S7 and you are working straight away. And with such fast wakeup, you won't hesitate to put the S7 back into standby--making the effective use time of one charge even longer.

    Connectivity: integrated 3G HSPA (premium 3G only)
    You're almost always online courtesy of the integrated 3G broadband connectivity. No dongles required, and no worries about finding a Wi-Fi hotspot. (Requires separate data subscription from wireless carrier.) Enjoy the full capability of your favorite web apps anytime.

    Swivel touchscreen:

    Touchscreen convenience lets you sign documents, draw charts, take handwritten notes--and, of course, provides super-intuitive navigation of web pages. Or, swivel the screen to show something to your colleague. Twist-and-fold the screen down for a 7" touchscreen PMP with extreme battery life! The swivel touchscreen also features screen-rotation and 'start menu' buttons.

    Easy data transfer:
    Another unique viliv S7 feature is the ability to load files simply by connecting it to another PC using a USB cable and running file manager software. This makes it super simple to prep the S7 for grab-and-go use. Load all your important documents, music, and movies in a matter of minutes.

    Built-in webcam and mic for mobile VOIP:
    Use Skype along with built-in 3G connectivity to make video conference calls from the backseat of a taxi!

    Portable Media Player (PMP):
    The S7's flexible form factor lets you use it like a PMP while enjoying all the features of windows. Listen to your music, watch movies, stream internet content, and more. Back at the hotel, watch your content on the hotel-room TV using the S7's video out feature. (There's also VGA-out for giving presentations.)

    There's also a slick bespoke UI (user interface) called Viliv Shuffle. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your computing experience.

    The S7 keyboard is tight, but it's large enough to type on after getting used to. There's also an on-screen virtual keyboard intended for use in tablet-mode. There's a small trackpad for navigation, but most people rely on the touchscreen. Other integrated features include 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x mini-USB, SDHC slot, camera, VGA-out, AV-out (requires dongle), audio in/out, and internal speaker/mic.

    The viliv S7 has the right combination of small size, advanced features (like 3G and swivel-touchscreen), and run-time (7+ hours!) to add ease, fun, and productivity to your busiest days!

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