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  • (Intel Atom processor Z520 1.3GHz, 1GB Ram, 32GB SSD, GPS, Windows XP Home, Built in HSPA modem)

    NOTE: There is NO MANUFACTURER WARRANTY or rescue warranty, but Dynamism does provide a 30-day replacement policy for viliv DOA units.

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  • Viliv has crafted an amazing, ultra-portable, fully-functional internet device, and rich in features

    The Viliv X70 is the latest Mobile Internet Device (MID) from Viliv that changes the way people think of mobile computing. Just like the uber-hot Viliv S5, this Viliv X70 is beautifully-manufactured, features a great battery life, and has plenty of power to deliver a full, no-compromise, rich internet experience. And that's just the start of its capabilities.

    The Viliv X70 features a 1024 x 600 7" WSVGA display, 32GB solid-state drive (SSD), and an Intel AtomTM 1.33GHz processor. Its battery lasts for a remarkable 5+ hours of movie playback (actual time), and its instant-on feature allows you to resume Windows XPTM from sleep in under five seconds. With 6 days of standby time, the X70 is a truly ultraportable device that delivers the full rich web experience. Rich web is complemented by rich media. The X70 supports 720p HD video playback, and features integrated Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

    Let's take a closer look at a variety of ways the X70 can change the way you utilize mobile computing in daily life and work.

    GPS : Built-in GPS lets you use any Windows XP navigation software--including StreetDeckTM, Google EarthTM or Microsoft Streets and TripsTM. There's no need look up an address on your computer and transfer it to your car's GPS, because the Viliv X70 EX is with you anywhere you go--including your wife's car or rental.

    The optional kit makes it easy to use in the car, and the incredible battery life assures this is a reliable solution. Check out these videos to see just how seamless this solution can be.

    VoIP through built in MIC and Web Cam : Integrated microphone and camera make Skype video conferencing easy to do almost anywhere. Make videos and upload them to YouTube immediately, or even stream live video onto the Web while you're on the go!

    Multimedia/entertainment experience : Naturally, the X70 EX is an exemplary portable media player. With its 7-inch screen, long battery life, nearly instant-on capability, an integrated broadband wireless (subscription required), you can watch all of your favorite content, or stream new content from the Internet. Easily navigate through your music, videos, e-books, or photos with the ease of a fingertip. Download new content on a whim.

    SDHC Slot : Using the integrated SDHS slot, you can expand memory capacity by 32GB on a simple SD card.

    Instant on : The "Just On" mode of the Viliv X70 EX lets you boot up from sleep to WindowsTM in under 5 seconds. Thanks to its 150 hour standby time, you can access your data quickly and easily at the push of a button, rarely needing to worry about having to find an outlet before your battery runs out.

    HD/Streaming : Watching your favorite shows on demand via the Internet is great, but many users find hauling a laptop to their bed or couch is not ergonomic. The Viliv X70 EX is capable of playing 720p HD video in a variety of formats, and you can even stream your favorite new shows from FoxTM, CBSTM, HuluTM, etc., easily and smoothly from anywhere, whether the couch or your bed.

    With the optional TV Out cable, you can even hook up the X70 EX to any HDTV for a full home theatre experience. Take it to your friend's house, or hotel room.

    Haptic keyboard : With X70EX's haptic feedback, you can actually "feel" a press of a key on the onscreen keyboard. Of course, we offer the diminutive stowaway portable Bluetooth keyboard if you prefer a physical keyboard.

    Easy PC to PC Data Transfer : Unique capability to link directly with another PC using a standard USB cable, and move files back-and-forth at a rate of 700MB/sec. No additional software or special cable (eg. USB host-to-host data cable) are required. You only need a standard USB cable and the Viliv X70 EX! Check out the YouTube video to see how easy it is.

    Battery life : The Viliv X70EX has double the battery life of most other devices its size. Its 5.5 hours of video playback or 4 hours of live streaming TV from the web--especially in consideration of 150 hours standby and 5-second wake-up, mean that it works for you throughout the day: morning commute, big lunch meeting, and even watching the latest episode of 30Rock on Hulu--during your lunch break, of course.

    The Viliv X70 EX is an exemplary platform for business as well. Whether you are considering CRM, ERP, fleet tracking (GPS), or home automation, talk to us about the possibilities

    1. Weights and measures are approximate and may vary.
    2. Actual battery life may vary based on usage patterns, product settings and environmental conditions.

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