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  • 3D Printer Management
  • Track, manage, and utilize your printers to their fullest potential. Wirelessly.

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  • The smarter way to 3D print

    3DPrinterOS empowers you to manage your printers and users without the complexity

    No Experience Necessary

    Offers simple yet powerful tools for every age level to get started and keep printing.

    Any Platform, Any Device

    Works with almost any 3D printer. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

    Usage Reports

    By user, printers or workgroups.

    Cloud-based 3D Printer Management Software

    The ideal way to increase utilization and productivity - and allow equitable access to your 3D printers - in one powerful and easy to use package. Whether you’re an individual or small business with one printer, or an organization with multiple printers across different locations, 3DPrinterOS has benefits for all users. Best of all, it works on almost any platform with almost any device! Many printers are already supported, and more are being added regularly.

    Free License

    We encourage anyone with a supported printer to try the 3DPrinterOS free license. This will give you access to many of the STL editing and repair tools, including the exclusive Magic Fix tool, which not only repairs but also arranges a file in the best possible orientation for printing. Large STL files (up to 35MB) can be quickly and efficiently sliced and delivered to connected printers, both local and remote, and prints can be viewed and controlled live from any web-capable device. The free license also gives you access to the 3DPrinterOS cloud infrastructure, allowing for tracking and recording of print statistics. These statistics are then compiled to create more effective preset options for different printers and print materials, increasing overall reliability and productivity (and reducing the costs associated with failed prints) for all users. There is no limitation to the number of printers that can be added to a single account, and the free account does not expire.

    Premium License - 1 year

    A premium license builds on the feature set of the free license. Even larger STL files (up to 100MB) can be edited and sliced, and live-streaming is available in HD at 30 fps.

    Additional advanced slicing tools are also enabled, such as Simplification, Hollowing, and Obfuscator. Most significantly, gain access to the 3DPrinterOS direct print API to build your own marketplace on your own site, opening up new business opportunities.

    Support is available by phone and in-platform.

    EasyBox with HD Camera - $199

    The easiest way to bring your printer online with 3DPrinterOS for fully untethered printing. Simply plug your printer and the included HD camera into the EasyBox and create an account. Within minutes you’ll have access to all of the powerful 3DPrinterOS cloud-based tools and be ready for remote printing. In addition, there’s no more requirement for local storage or tethered printing, as files and projects can be accessed and started from anywhere. One EasyBox device can be used to connect two printers online.

    Educational License - 1 year

    Network 3D Printers
    Whether you have one printer or 20, managing 3D printers and users has never been easier. Create printing or queuing permissions for students and manage print jobs in real time.

    Data Tracking
    Monitor success rates, job IDs, individual filament usage, printing hours and much more. Admins can track every job across all 3D printers. Track trends and control costs like never before.

    Save Time
    One admin can manage infinite users and printers. No more babysitting printers, preparing SD cards and tracking print jobs with excel sheets. You can even monitor jobs on the go!

    End to end platform for 3D printing management of your entire network of printers, users, administrators, and files. No more complex machine-specific workflows and complicated spreadsheet queue management! Safe and secure cloud-control provides instant access to audit trails for administrators, as well as in-platform communication between admins and users.

    • SSO compatible and has passed independent security checks.

    • Workgroup codes simplify the process of clustering, networking, and distributing access to your 3D printers, regardless of the number of users.

    • Smart queuing to easily locate and print on available printers.

    • Use reports provide access to data on printers, print jobs, and users. Saves time and money, and provides the opportunity to incorporate billing based on individual usage.

    • Premium License features for all users provided at no additional cost.

    • Access to additional premium applications including “Virtual Factory” for managing workflows for industrial 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines.

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