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  • Builder Extreme 2000 Pro

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  • The Extreme 2000 PRO is a large scale 3D printer for professional and industrial use. Features such as filament runout detection and an integrated UPS system to allow print resuming after power loss help to ensure successful printing with large models. A 7-inch touchscreen provides easy navigation and control for main printer functions.

  • Builder Extreme 2000 PRO

    Advanced large-scale 3D printing

    The Extreme 2000 PRO takes large-scale 3D printing to a higher and more professional level. With a build volume of 700x700x1700 mm, it’s one of the biggest FFF 3D printers currently available. Suited for printing prototypes, molds, tooling, and more, the Builder Extreme 2000 PRO will print high quality industrial grade parts time after time.
    Download Builder Extreme 2000 PRO brochure (pdf)

    7 inch touchscreen

    An ergonomically placed touchscreen provides full control at a level comfortable for use. Main functions such as nozzle temperature, bed temperature, lights, camera, and door unlock can be easily adjusted.

    Dual-Feed extruder

    A dual-feed direct drive extruder has been designed for nonstop printing of both dual and single color prints. Nozzles of larger diameters can easily be swapped for faster extrusion.

    Fast heating print bed

    Despite its large size, print bed heating takes only ten minutes. With a maximum temperature of 70 C, most low-extrusion temperature materials can be reliably adhered for printing.

    Full enclosure

    Having a fully enclosed print environment positively impacts overall print quality while also reducing operating noise by 40%. Transparent doors allow for easy print monitoring, and an optional air filter upgrade helps contain any particles released during the printing process.


    The Extreme 2000 PRO has been designed efficiently to maximize print volume without sacrificing functionality. Filament spools and the print control box are integrated into the enclosed housing to minimize exterior space requirements.

    Builder Extreme 2000 PRO
    The Extreme 2000 PRO brings large scale FDM 3D printing to a higher and more professional level.
    Builder Extreme 2000 PRO
    The Extreme 2000 PRO brings large scale FDM 3D printing to a higher and more professional level.
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