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  • Modix 120X

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  • Print bigger with the new Modix 120X V3. Upgraded components and a simplified assembly process provide an improved user experience. Modix's self-assembly kits provide the most cost-effective solution for large 3D printing.

  • Modix 120X V3 starter pack [includes Modix 120X V3 3D printer self-assembly kit, print enclosure, and second print head]

    Special order terms apply: This item cannot be returned or cancelled for any reason.

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  • MAIN
      • MAIN
  • Modix 120X

    heavy duty, expandable, large format 3D printers
    Print Volume of 1200 x 600 x 660mm


    Print volume is no longer a limit!

    Main Features
    • Premium components!
    • High flow E3D volcano hotend & Titan Extruder.
    • Robust motion system – Hiwin motion rails and Gates belts.
    • Self assembly kits & customizable platform.
    • Single or dual print head
    • Optional closed enclosure
    • Automatic bed leveling with 100 probing points.

    Tech Spec

    General Information

    • Printing Technology: FFF (Filament Filament Fabrication)
    • Number of print heads: single or dual (optional)
    • Delivery: Self assembly kit. Assembly guide includes easy to follow videos and online 3D models that could be rotated and zoomed.


    • 120X build volume: 1200 X 600 X 660 mm
    • 120X machine size: 1556 X 1025 X 1356 mm (W X D X H)


    • Solid 40X40 T-slot aluminum profiles
    • Powder coated laser cut aluminum brackets and joints
    • Closed enclosure made of 3mm black Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)


    • 7-inch Duet3d touchscreen – integrated with the controller
    • WiFi web access for remote control from either mobile or PC allowing uploading print files directly from your workstation
    • SD card and USB

    Motion System

    • Hiwin MGn12H linear guides rails)
    • Four Z ball nut screws for Z axis
    • 9 mm width Gates GT2 timing belt, reinforced with fiberglass
    • Axis Motors: Motech Nema 17 60mm length MT-1705HS200A | Holding Torque: 114oz.in (8.2kg.cm) | Current / Phase: 2.00A |
    • Position accuracy: X-10 Micron, Y-10 Micron, Z-0.5 Micron
    • Print speed – Normal quality 60 mm/sec, Draft 100 mm/sec Calculated for 0.4 nozzle. Larger nozzles normally print slower but providing parts much faster due to reduced amount of layers (thicker layer = lower resolution = faster results)

    Hot End

    • E3D V6 Volcano high flow heat block – standard. Optional E3D V6 for very small items with high details or Super Volcano for a very fast high flow and bulky objects
    • 1.75 mm filament diameter by default, End-customer can customize to 3mm filament, instructions will be provided. 0.4, 0.6 & 0.8 mm brass Volcano nozzles
    • Smaller nozzle diameters are available for the standard V6
    • Heater cartridge is 24V 40W, max temperature is 285c By default. Can be converted to higher temperature by changing thermistor if needed for up to 400c by end-customer


    • E3D Aero extruder for both primary and secondary extruders
    • Configuration: Main – direct drive, secondary – direct drive
    • Extruder drive gear ratio 3:1 for power and accuracy
    • Nema17 40mm for high power extrusion
    • Adjustable idler tension

    Print Bed

    • 6.35mm thick, Alcoa Mic6 milled cast aluminum plate, made in USA
    • AC powered bed heater 1370 Watt. Requires additional independent 15A AC source
    • Dual heating zones. Inner 200X200mm size for small objects and lower power consumption
    • Max temperature – 120c)
    • Print surface – PEI film with adhesive sheet

    Auto Bed leveling

    • BL touch probe as standard
    • Probing of bed shape is kept in controller memory and activated before each print
    • Probing mesh: Big60 – 100 points, 120X – 200 points


    • Open source Duet RepRap firmware. The leading firmware for 3D printing allowing numerous configurations and easy customization using the macro system
    • One can choose from any available slicer and 3d printer controller including: Slic3r, Cura, and Simplified3d (recommended). Specific printer configurations are supplied in the customer zone


    • Supporting both 110V and 230V
    • Enclosed Power Supply – Meanwell 24V 280W
      • Protections: Short / Overload / Over voltage / Over temp.
      • No load power consumption<0.5W
      • LED indicator for power on
      • Aviation grade switches and connectors
    • Heat Bed AC powered heater 1600Watt
    • Autonic PID controller & Solid state relay


    • Supporting both 110V and 230V
    • Enclosed Power Supply – Meanwell 24V 280W
      • Protections: Short / Overload / Over voltage / Over temp.
      • No load power consumption<0.5W
      • LED indicator for power on
      • Aviation grade switches and connectors
    • Heat Bed AC powered heater 1600Watt
    • Autonic PID controller & Solid state relay


    • Our printing head supports almost any existing filament including : PLA, ABS, PLA composites (Carbon fiber, Wood, Copper, Brass, Magnetic ), PHA, PVA , Hips, Nylon, TPE & TPU (FleX) Co-Polyester, PETG…

    • Open Filament: you can use any filament from any vendor.

    • Filament Run-Out Sensor: The filament run-out detection sensor will pause the print job when the filament is finished.

    Premium Components

    Heavy Duty Design & Modular Platform

    • HIWIN Linear Rails

      Precision is the name of the game with genuine Hiwin motion rails. Made in Taiwan.

    • E3D Geared Extruder

      E3D V6 Volcano & Titan extruder are the standard for high quality. Made in the UK.

    • IGUS Shielded Wiring

      Professional signal cables provide maximum reliability. Made in Germany.

    • Geared Z Axis

      Precision lead screws powered by a belt gear allow for layer heights as small as 0.5 Microns. This provides extremely high print resolutions!

    • Precision Milled Bed

      Print bed is an Alcoa Mic6 milled cast aluminum tooling plate. Made in the USA.

    • Large Nozzle Selection

      E3D Volcano high flow hotend offers a large selection of nozzle sizes ranging from 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 & 1.2 mm

    • Any Filament Vendor

      Use filaments from any vendor at any size. Filament runout sensor will alert when empty.

    • Any Slicing Software

      Use any slicing software you desire, including, Slic3r, Cura and Simplify3d.

    • Optional Cosed Enclosure

      A closed chamber allows for maximum heat retention around the printed part. This is critical for ABS printing.

    • Modular T Profiles System

      4040 modular profile system provides rigidity, easy assembly & easy customization.

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