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  • Mosaic Palette 2 Pro

  • $699.00 - $758.00
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    Please note: Requires 1.75mm filament for operation, additional conversion kit required if using with Ultimaker/LulzBot printers
  • Up to four filaments combine for multi-material 3D printing. Palette 2 Pro includes the Splice Core Pro, machined out of aluminum for optimal cooling and 20% faster splicing speeds than Palette 2, along with a spare parts kit and extended warranty for two years of total coverage.

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    Mosaic Palette 2 Pro

    Multi-material printing simplified
    Palette 2 Pro works together with your printer in order to make the highest quality multi-material prints with minimal hassle. Each filament strand is guided into the SpliceCore and spliced into a single, continuous strand with strong and reliable bonds. Importantly, the multi-material .gcode file generated in Mosaic's CANVAS software communicates with the Palette 2 Pro to ensure it stays on track.
    Take Your Palette 2 Experience to the Next Level with Improved Features and Functionality
    For high-demand printers and workhorse makers, the Palette 2 Pro is the tool that you've been missing.
    Palette 2 Pro Includes:
    • Machined aluminum Splice Core Pro allows for up to 20% faster splicing and cooling, improving overall print times
    • Includes spare Splice Core Pro Tubes (consumable), Thumb Screws, Cutter Blades, Drive Arm As sembly, Homing Switch, Filament Switch, and Extruder Clip Grommet to ensure optimal performance and maintenance
    • Extended warranty for two years / 50,000 splices total
    • Sleek all-black casing

    The materials and colors you want, where you want them

    Using CANVAS's features such as the paint tool, you aren't limited in where and when you can change materials or colors in a print. Let your imagination run wild, and create complex and beautiful prints that were not previously possible.

    Add the Power of Four to a Single Nozzle

    Open up a new range of features to an existing printer setup. Communicate more effectively by highlighting specific regions on a model, or add a burst of color instead of being limited to boring, monotone prints.

    More Printing, Less Hassle

    Palette 2 takes less than an hour to get started, thanks to a guided setup process and helpful CANVAS online walkthroughs.

    Not Only for Multiple Materials

    While many of the features are focused on
    multi-material printing, there are additional benefits even when printing single extrusion. The filament runout detector allows multiple spools of the same filament to be loaded, so that when one spool runs out another is automatically spliced and printing continues. When printing large and long prints, you can rest assured that filament will be available!

    Now Compatible with Select Ultimaker Printers

    Currently available for use with the Ultimaker 2 and 3 series, with S5 support coming soon, Ultimaker users can access the 1.75mm filament format to print an even wider range than previously. Add Mosaic innovation to Ultimaker reliability for the perfect combination to unleash your creativity.
    Need an Ultimaker, Palette 2 Pro, and 1.75mm Adaptor?
    Contact sales@dynamism.com to find out how you can bundle and save!
  • CANVAS Hub
  • $59.00
  • 1.75mm Ultimaker Conversion Kit (UM2+ / UM3)
  • $79.00
  • 1.75mm LulzBot Conversion Kit
  • $29.00
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