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  • PrintLab Classroom Software helps to effectively integrate 3D printing into the classroom by providing ready to use 3D printing lesson plans and professional development resources. This is a browser-based software that can be used on ipads, Chromebooks, and other devices.

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  • PrintLab. Classroom

    3D Printing Curriculum & Professional Development


    PrintLab Classroom is an online library of 3D printing lesson plans and professional development resources. As 3D printing rapidly becomes an essential tool across almost every industry, our aim is to provide teachers with a complete toolkit to prepare students for their future careers. In collaboration with educators, we believe that together, we can upskill the next generation to use 3D printing to solve real-world problems and design a better future.

    platform details


    Platform Contents

    • 35 x Cross-Curricular Lesson Plans (2 New Lessons/Month)
    • 1 x Online Certified Training Course
    • 1 x 3D Printing Guide for Teachers (Digital PDF)

    Teaching Age Group

    • 9-14

    3D Printer Compatibility

    • Any FFF machine

    Software Required

    • Tinkercad (Free) / Fusion 360 (Coming soon)

    Curriculum Standards

    • Aligned to UK National, NGSS & CCSS

    Subject Areas

    • Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Geography,
    • History, Languages, Art, Computing, Music, Religion



    Platform Structure


    Each resource on the platform has its own section and comes with a broad
    range of downloadable materials, including step-by-step lesson plans, slideshow
    presentations, student workbooks, design tutorial videos and STL files.


    Teacher Training

    The PrintLab Certification Course is the ultimate training
    journey for teachers getting started with 3D
    technologies. The aim is to enable teachers to become
    proficient and confident in teaching 3D
    printing curriculum, whilst ensuring they have the
    necessary 3D design and 3D printing skills.


    Course Topics


    An Introduction
    to 3D Printing

    3D Printing in


    3D Modelling

    Designing for 3D

    3D Printer


    Managing 3D



    At the end of the course are 3 assessments
    that must be completed and passed before
    receiving a certificate of
    completion, which will be issued by email
    following review of the assessments by a
    member of PrintLab. The image at the top of
    this page is an example submission to the
    ‘Assistive Device Design Challenge’, where a
    teacher developed her skills during the
    course to create a tactile matching game for
    young people who are blind.

    Lesson Plans


    PrintLab Classroom’s lesson plan library focuses on a range of key themes to support design thinking
    and project-based learning. Throughout this section, you will be introduced to example projects that
    bring learning to life and guide students through the creative processes of realworld professionals.


    HiveHaus Architecture Project

    This lesson is a collaboration with HiveHaus Architects to develop a project where students design an outbuilding for their school, using a modular hexagonal system. In addition to 3D design and 3D printing, the lesson involves mathematical concepts around scale factors and measurement units.

    Make a Personalised Egyptian Obelisk

    A project where students learn about Ancient Egypt and decipher hieroglyphics, before embarking on a creative journey to design and 3D print a personalised Egyptian obelisk. The journey combines learning criteria from History, Geography, Computing, Art & Design and Design Technology.

    Make an Assistive Bottle Opener

    A project involving the study of simple machines, levers and the creation of assistive bottle openers that help users with arthritis to open screw-cap bottles. Student designs are 3D printed, tested, analysed and improved in an interactive process.

    Designing Better Bottles

    In this creative project, students will learn about the circular economy before rethinking and redesigning the way we produce, use and dispose of bottles. In the main part of the lesson, students are guided by a student portfolio and video tutorial to develop a prototype bottle that is ‘zero-waste’ and uses circular economy principles.

    The Little Entrepreneurs Project

    A creative project for teams of students, where they are guided by a 30-page portfolio to create a 3D printing business. Teams are challenged to go through a rigorous, investigative process to design a 3D printed product, which can be sold to parents, local businesses and the local community. The aim is to raise funds for schools to purchase supplies such as 3D printer filament.

    Make a Functional Wrench

    With NASA’s recent interest in exploring the use of 3D printers in space to produce on-demand tools, it is essential to educate students about the future of manufacturing. This lesson challenges students to design and manufacture a functional wrench that fits a certain nut and bolt mechanism. The lesson also involves the study of friction and torque.

    License Options


    From single classrooms to international STEM organisations, we have
    developed a range of license options to enable anyone to inspire the
    next generation using PrintLab Classroom curriculum.



    Teacher License


    The teacher license offers a single
    teacher account on PrintLab Classroom with a
    single seat to The PrintLab Certification Course.
    The perfect lowcost option for individual
    classrooms, home-schooling and parents.



    Site License


    Provide unlimited PrintLab Classroom
    accounts to all staff in your school, library
    or makerspace. This includes unlimited
    seats to The PrintLab Certification Course
    so all teaching staff can participate in the
    training programme.

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