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  • The world’s first industrial Additive Manufacturing solution for creating vibrant, full-color functional parts with minimal post-processing.



    The first full-color industrial 3D printer to create functional parts with minimal post processing

    Safe, strong, affordable


    For the first time in the industry, XRIZE enables users to manufacture functional plastic parts in full color. XRIZE shares all the benefits of RIZE ONE, including safety, ease of use, minimal pre- and post-processing, and minimal material management. Users throughout enterprise, from engineering to marketing to the manufacturing floor, can use XRIZE to easily manufacture a wide range of products.

    With RIZE OneTouch software, users can quickly and easily apply text, images and texture maps to monochrome part files and import color CAD files. XRIZE leverages RIZE’s Augmented Deposition process by extruding an engineering-grade thermoplastic and simultaneously jetting CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) inks through industrial printheads to achieve a full-color part. Release One is jetted between the part and the automatically-generated supports to enable peel-away support removal, leaving a smooth surface finish.

    Full-color, functional printing

    Print graphics and text directly into parts including QR codes, part numbers, instructions, or safety warnings.
    Exceptional Z-strength

    Ideal for functional prototypes, tooling, and end-use parts.
    Easy to use, fast time to part

    Minimal, pre and post-processing with no solvents.
    Digitally augmented parts

    Text, images and QR codes for traceability, built-in trust and IP controls.
    Safe materials and process

    People-safe and environmentally friendly thanks to its recyclability. Suits office, production, and field use.



    The RIZIUM family of filaments and inks are designed for high strength, superior layer adhesion, long term stability clean operation. All RIZIUM filaments are VOC-free for safe operation in enclosed environments, and require no special venting, disposal equipment or protective gear.

    Rizium One and Rizium Black
    Rizium Carbon
    CMYK and marking ink
    Release One
    Rizium Endura
    Release One
    Rizium Endura


    Industrial 3D printing made safe and easy
    Fast time to fabricated part - Low cost of ownership
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