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    Please note: This filament is abrasive and will cause additional wear to hot end components. Must be dried before using and properly stored when not in use.
  • Novamid ID1030 CF10

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  • DSM Novamid ID1030 CF10

    3D Printing Grade, 10% Carbon Reinforced

    Novamid® ID1030 CF10 is a new PA6/66 grade of carbon reinforced polyamide that brings properties of 3D printed parts close to what is usually achievable only by injection molding. With a loading of 10% carbon fiber, printed parts are stronger, tougher, and stiffer when compared to other FFF materials, while matching the easy and fast printing characteristics of unreinforced plastics.
    The new carbon fiber filled Novamid® ID1030 CF10 filament 3D prints durable, structural parts with high dimensional stability and minimal warping. Despite the carbon fiber loading of only 10%, parts are stronger, stiffer, and tougher with higher tensile strength and modulus. These excellent mechanical properties are ideal for demanding and structural applications that require robust performance at elevated temperatures, making it useful across a broad range of markets.
    The material is designed specifically for 3D printing and can be printed on standard desktop fused filament fabrication (FFF) machines with a hardened nozzle. Tests have shown that users can run their printers at the same speeds as with unreinforced plastics, while achieving considerably better strength and toughness.

    Key Benefits & Properties

    ・ Durable parts with good mechanical properties due to high inter-layer strength

    ・ Made from DSM Novamid copolyamide PA6/66, which is used in automotive and electronics

    ・ Characteristic matte black surface-finish with less roughness

    ・ 3D printable at same speed as unreinforced plastics due to low carbon loading of 10%

    ・ Enables properties close to what is usually achievable only by injection molding

    ・ Minimal warpage compared to unfilled PA

    ・ HDT of 184ºC at 1.8MPa


    Automotive under-the-hood
    Medical braces and prosthetics
    Manufacturing jigs and fixtures
    Lightweight applications
    High performance functional parts
    Protective and supporting sports gear
    Structural applications requiring durable and stiff parts
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