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  • Dremel DigiLab LC40 /
    3D45 Package

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  • Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter / 3D45 Printer Package

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    • 40W CO2 Laser cutter & laser engraver helps grow your business and transform your classroom by turning your vision into reality
    • Trusted brand for makers with over 85 years experience in customer service, engineering and product development
    • Rigorously tested for reliability to ensure continuous runtime during all your project needs – Proprietary Dremel Hex Box
    • First UL Safety approved laser cutter/engraver in the market with 5 safety sensors to ensure all systems are working properly
    • Easy to use software - cut & engrave wood, leather, acrylic, glass, paper, cardboard, fabric, rubber and more! Create high value projects within minutes!

    Built To Last

    With over twenty-thousand hours of extensive quality and endurance testing, the Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter is built for reliability to ensure continuous runtime during all your project needs.

    Advanced Technology Made Simple

    Engineered for ease of use and reduced frustration, Dremel has worked to provide a Laser Cutter with simplified systems you can trust. Equipped with intuitive, dynamic software, you’ll have everything you need in the box to get set up and creating.

    We've Got Your Back

    A trusted brand for makers with over 85 years experience in customer service, engineering and product development, Dremel provides an ecosystem of benefits that go beyond the DigiLab Laser Cutter. From stocked user-replaceable parts and materials, and project content for all levels, to our U.S-based, laser-trained customer service team, Dremel is here for you.

    Cost of Safety? Priceless.

    The first ever UL-certified laser of its class, Dremel’s patented array of smart sensors with real-time diagnostics continuously monitor the laser so users can have peace of mind and focus on creativity.

    A New Dimension of DIY

    Carve, etch, cut, and engrave dozens of materials to bring your ideas to life. From the moment you receive your Laser Cutter to when the first laser beam starts cutting or engraving your project, setting up your Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter takes minutes. Everything you need to start making comes inside the Laser Cutter box, including our Hex Box™ integrated cooling system and user-friendly Quick Start Guide.

    Rigorously Tested
    Ensuring product longevity and reliability in all settings from business to classroom, Dremel has slammed, dropped and put the laser through a serious amount of testing.
    Intuitive Software
    Dremel’s laser software is easy to use, compatible with your favorite design software, and built directly into the laser, enabling internet-free access to run software with consistent high-speed performance.
    SMART Laser Sensors
    Dremel’s array of smart sensors with real-time safety diagnostics continuously monitor the laser so users can focus on creativity.
    Customizable Material Library
    Easily print on new materials with suggested print settings and ability to save and adjust within advanced material library. Commonly used materials include: acrylic, anodized aluminum, cork, cardboard, fabric, felt, glass, leather, mat board, paper, rubber, and wood.
    Stays Cool Under Pressure
    Continuously run through all projects without any downtime with Dremel’s innovative Hex Box, which keeps the laser cool.
    Duplicate designs across your entire work piece without having to go back to your design software.
    Smart Camera
    Reduce misprints with built-in, high resolution smart camera used to capture work piece and precisely place designs within the software.
    LCD Touch Screen
    Start, pause, and view project status directly on 7-inch LCD touch screen without the need to open the software on the computer.

    Dremel 3D45 3D Printer

    Advanced capabilities for greater efficiency

    Print in 50 micron layers with nylon, eco-ABS, & more
    Tested to run for hundreds of hours with clog-resistant extruder
    1-year warranty with lifetime Dremel customer support
    • Easily removable glass build plate heated up to 100°C and all metal 0.4mm nozzle heated up to 280°C
    • 5-inch full color touch screen with intuitive icons for easy setup and operation.
    • Wifi connectivity, built-in HD camera and included remote printing software so you can print and monitor your prints from anywhere. You can also print over a local network withuot internet, or via USB
    • Go from unboxing to your first print in less than 15 minutes
    • Fully enclosed sturdy plastic design with a 6.7" x 10" x 6" build volume for better prints, better safety and less chance for warping. A carbon filter and particulate filter are built-in as well
    • RFID built-in to detect the filament type (PLA, Nylon, ECO ABS, PETG) inserted and to automatically change printer settings and to track filament left on the spool

    RFID Filament Recognition

    Reduce print errors with filament system that automatically updates g-code for optimal extruder & build plate temperatures, as well as feed & print speeds

    Semi-Automated Leveling

    Precisely level the build plate with just the turn of a knob using smart sensor technology, allowing effortless, accurate calibrations and easy set-up

    HD Camera

    Perfect for fleet management, remotely monitor print farms and capture time lapse videos with a 720p HD camera mounted in the printer

    WiFi-Enabled for Cloud Printing

    Use Internet connection to slice files online and remotely print directly to your 3D45 through Dremel Print Cloud web-based application
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