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    Worldwide Warranty and Rescue Service

    We offer a two-tier comprehensive warranty that is standard with every computer or gadget we sell (unless specifically noted otherwise).

    • Tier 1: Most products are covered with a one-year manufacturer warranty, except where noted.
    • Tier 2: Select products include the Dynamism Rescue Warranty. If your item requires service, Dynamism will cover the cost of FedEx shipping from you to an authorized service center, and back to you. (Customers in the U.S. and Canada only; within the 1-year warranty period only. In other cases, a charge will apply.) We will email you a shipping label for the package. FedEx can pick it up, or you can drop it off at any FedEx/Kinko’s. As soon as it is repaired, your item will be sent back to you by the same FedEx service. (Note that most handheld PCs and tablets do not include the Dynamism Rescue Warranty.)

    Additional Benefits:

    • Certain notebooks are available with a 3-year Dynamism Rescue Warranty. This is noted on the notebook's pricing page.
    • Most products (excluding special orders) are also covered with a dead-on-arrival replacement warranty. In these cases, if your purchase shows a defect within five (5) days and is in new condition once received in our Chicago office, we will simply swap it for a brand new unit.

    Important Disclaimers: Please read

    Dynamism Inc. ("Dynamism" or "Dynamism.com") ACTS ONLY AS A CONDUIT TO THE WARRANTY PROVIDER (the manufacturer except where noted) in its execution of its Rescue Warranty Service ("Rescue"); in any of, but not limited to, the following events, warranty providers will not repair computers free of charge: physical damage, dropping, spillage, electric shock, etc. The warranty provider will act on their own discretion in these matters, and Dynamism is not responsible for their decisions. The warranty provider is the final arbiter of all disputes and will charge for all repairs if they deem that any event voided their warranty.

    3-Year Special Wide Warranty

    In addition to the 3-year manufacturer warranty that is offered, the Dynamism 3-year Special Wide Warranty includes 3 years of accidental damage coverage on the computer product only.

    Important note: If the repair is due to user damage, the warranty is not part of the Dynamism Rescue Warranty and the customer is responsible for all shipping charges. The warranty provider is the final arbiter of all disputes and will charge for all repairs if they deem that any event voided their warranty.

    What is covered:

    • Up to 3 years manufacturer’s warranty including user damage
    • Up to 3 years Dynamism FedEx Rescue service (for non-user damage warranty repairs only). Customer is responsible for shipping charges if the repair is due to user damage.


    The Special Wide Warranty will end prior to the expiration date when we have, as a result of service provided to you, replaced your product or incurred costs under this plan and all other coverage equal to the original purchase price of your product (as indicated on your invoice) and on the percentage of coverage by year:
    1st year: 100%
    2nd year: 70%
    3rd year: 50%

    What is not covered:

    The Special Wide Warranty only covers operational or mechanical failure from handling and does not include protection against normal wear and tear, theft, fire, flood, wind, freezing, power failure, misplacement, viruses, reckless, abusive, willful or intentional conduct associated with handling and use of the product, operator negligence, cosmetic damage and/or other damage that does not affect the unit functionality, inadequate power supply, unusual atmospheric conditions, or acts of war or acts of God. Dynamism FedEx Rescue service is for non-user damage warranty repairs only.

    Other notes

    Dynamism IS NEITHER THE MANUFACTURER NOR WARRANTY PROVIDER and shall be held harmless for any actions of the manufacturer or warranty provider, including but not limited to: delays, defective products, or closure. Dynamism will not be able to provide Rescue service in the event that the manufacturer or warranty provider ceases to conduct business, or for any reason voids its warranty service, or for any other reason fails to deliver on its warranty obligations.

    Dynamism’s Rescue Warranty may at various times be referred to as simply "Dynamism Warranty", "Warranty", "Rescue", "Rescue Service", "Dynamism Rescue Service", "Dynamism Warranty Rescue Service", "Warranty Rescue Service" or other similar names. All refer to the warranty described here, "Warranty Rescue Service". Dynamism offers only one version of the service. Buyer acknowledges that Dynamism’s sole responsibility is to facilitate shipping to an authorized warranty provider’s service center, in the event that it is available, and to cover the cost of FedEx shipping (when customer and warranty provider are within the United States), or FedEx International Priority shipping (when customer is in the United States or Canada, and the warranty provider is not in the United States or Canada).

    If your item is returned for warranty repair and after inspection is found to be in working order (or in user error), you will be responsible for all shipping and repair estimate fees.

    LCD Display Pixel Policy

    During the LCD Monitor manufacturing process, it is not uncommon for one or more pixels to become fixed in an unchanging state. The visible result is a fixed pixel that appears as an extremely tiny dark or bright discolored dot. When the pixel remains permanently lit, it is known as a "bright dot". When the pixel remains black, it is known as a "dark dot".

    In almost every case, these fixed pixels are hard to see and do not detract from display quality or usability. A display with 1 to 5 bright or dark dots is considered normal and within industry standards. A manufacturer doesn’t consider less than 6 bright or dark dots to be defective and will not replace the product under warranty.

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