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  • Using an innovative Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) process, the Nexa3D NXE400 is making high-speed, industrial-grade Stereolithography 3D printing accessible to professionals and businesses of all sizes.

    Upgrade. Additive. Manufacturing.

    Breaking the Speed and Size Barriers

    6x the speed and 2.5x the volume of other comparable 3D printers on the market. Continuously print up to 16 liters of parts at speeds of up to 1 Z-centimeter per minute.
    4LSPc® Membrane
    3LSPc® HC Mask
    2LSPc® Optical Layer
    1UV Light Array

    The LSPc Process

    The base of the LSPc process is a uniform light source, which is created through a combination of an ultraviolet (UV) light array and the LSPc optical layer. This uniform light is then projected through the LSPc HC Mask, which is responsible for adjusting and projecting light to the appropriate regions of the vat, where photopolymerization for a specific print job is taking place layer by layer. The final part of the process involves the proprietary LSPc membrane, which both creates a no-stick zone between the cured part and vat as well as allowing resin to quickly spread across the entire vat and ensure replenishment between each layer.

    Reshaping the Future of Additive

    LSPc technology is actively overcoming the speed limiting factors of traditional SLA without compromising accuracy or resolution.

    Upgrade to Fast, Durable, Accurate Materials

    In order to get the maximize the benefits of LSPc technology, resins need a combination of unique chemical and physical properties. Nexa3D Fast RP, Tough, and Super Tough resins were developed specifically for the LSPc process to provide speed, durability, and accuracy.

    As Simple as 'CTRL+P'

    3D printing should not be a barrier; it should be a force multiplier. The key to a simplified printing process is cognitive software that can intuitively optimize parts to increase print success.
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