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  • EinScan Pro HD

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    Please note: Not compatible with AMD processors, requires a NVidia graphics card with at least 960 CUDA cores
  • EinScan Pro HD Handheld Scanner offering improved efficiency for high-quality 3D Scanning.

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  • EinScan Pro HD



    Impressive High Resolution for Fine Details

    By adopting a new structured light projection
    approach, the stripe pattern scanning
    which was previously used in Fixed Scan
    Mode is now utilized for Handheld HD Scan
    Mode. With 0.2mm minimum point distance setting
    using optimized algorithms, resolution and accuracy
    in Fixed Scan and Handheld HD Scan Mode are similar.


    Sample Scan Using Handheld HD Mode
    Sample Scan Using Handheld HD Mode

    Scan Objects with Less Limitations

    Using new lighting projection hardware
    and software algorithms, EinScan Pro HD
    is capable of scanning a wider range of
    objects of a darker or black color and cast
    metal surfaces, enriching the capability for
    3D scanning materials.

    Sample Scan using Handheld Rapid Mode

    Fast Scanning Speed and Data Transmission

    EinScan Pro HD provides a dramatic breakthrough in
    scanning capability, processing up to 3,000,000
    points per second under Handheld Rapid Mode,
    and less than 0.5 seconds for every single frame in
    Fixed Scan Mode. USB 3.0 provides high speed
    data transmission.

    Sample Scan using Handheld Rapid Mode


    Scan Time < 1 Min

    High Accuracy for High Quality 3D Modeling

    Both objects and the scanner can be moved
    during scanning. Accuracy up to 0.04mm can be
    achieved in Fixed Scan Mode, while volumetric
    accuracy up to 0.045mm+0.3mm/m can be
    achieved in Handheld HD Mode when using marker alignment.

    Sample Scan using Handheld HD Mode

    Modular Design for a Wide Range
    of Applications through Multiple Scan
    Modes and Data Alignments


    Modular designed Color Pack and Industrial Pack
    optional add-ons for EinScan Pro HD extend your
    scanning experience for more applications. Multiple
    positioning methods, including feature alignment,
    marker alignment, turntable coded targets
    alignment, manual alignment and texture
    alignment (with Color Pack), greatly enhance
    scanning efficiency without additional preparation.

    Color Pack

    Industrial Pack


    Take the Portable EinScan Pro HD
    Anywhere You Go

    With a lightweight and ergonomic design, the scanner
    can easily be taken on the go. It is important to make sure
    that a laptop with sufficient graphics capabilities and
    portable power source, such as the optional power bank, are
    available when operating outdoors or in remote locations.


    Package Size

    37 x 36.5 x 13.5 cm


    1.13 kg

    ExScan Pro

    Developed by SHINING 3D, ExScan Pro is a
    professional software for 3D scanning and data
    processing with a collection of both scan and mesh
    editing tools for generating high-quality 3D models.

    • Clear work guide process
    • User friendly interface
    • Data post processing
    • Data measuring

    Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition

    EinScan Pro HD includes Solid Edge SHINING 3D
    Edition for mainstream 3D CAD design functions,
    bringing a convenient and powerful 3D design tool
    to help achieve your creative ideas.


    Accuracy of EinScan
    Pro Series Scanners

    Factory tested accuracy according
    to VDI/VDE 2634 standards.

    EinScan Pro HD
    Reverse Engineering
    Design Bundle

    A professional multi-functional
    3D scanner with reverse
    engineering and CAD capabilities.
    Includes EinScan Pro HD Scanner,
    Industrial Pack, Geomagic Essentials
    software, and single seat license for
    Shining 3D OEM Edition software.

  • Industrial Pack 2X /
    Pro Series
  • $769.00
  • EinScan Pro HD Color Pack
  • $769.00
  • Power Bank Pro Series
  • $200.00
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