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  • AquaSys 120 is a groundbreaking water-soluble support filament with high-performance attributes designed to be compatible with a wide range of build materials due to its adhesion characteristics, giving it best-in-class versatility.

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  • High-performance,
    water-soluble support


    Get the print stability
    you need

    designed to work with a wide range of engineering-grade 3D printing materials

    Features & Benefits

    • Works extremely well with ABS, PC/ABS, nylon, TPU, CPE,
      PC, and PP filament
    • Adheres to other 3D printing materials, giving you a better print quality
    • Great stability in higher printing temperatures, allowing
      for better printing results
    • Dissolves up to 6x faster than other BVOH or polyvinyl
      alcohol (PVA) support materials
    • Water-soluble filament dissolves in warm water – no
      solvents needed, no more removing supports
    • Smart for the environment and nontoxic
    • Excellent surface finish

    Why Use AquaSys™ 120
    water-soluble support material?

    We know the challenges of developing a material like this, because we have been chasing this for many years at the request of industry leaders. In order for a support material to be considered high-performance, we needed to address thermal stability at elevated temperatures, great adhesion to most materials, high-quality filament manufacturing with reliable and consistent printability, and exceptional dissolution rates, all while being environmentally conscious.

    For as long as 3D printing has been around, manufacturers and developers have been looking for ways to streamline production for more efficient results. Although 3D printing has itself cut costs and created major advancements in material design, there are still limitations and costly processes that have remained a problem for manufacturing.

    One of these has been the necessity to design and build with less than optimal support structures, hindering creativity and keeping post-production costs a major factor with many builds. Often, post-processing of 3D printed parts requires more labor and time than the printing of the part, creating bottlenecks and increased cost.

    But, what was once considered the holy grail solution for additive manufacturing, has now become a reality. AquaSys 120 high-performance water-soluble support is a newly patented, composite material that meets the rigorous demand of advanced additive manufacturing applications.

    Received IDTechEX “Best Innovation in 3D Printing “Award

    AquaSys120 is a breakthrough water-soluble support FDM filament that allows you to 3D print complex parts with ease. This filament was recently awarded a patent and received IDTechEX “Best innovation in 3D printing “award.

    Over Six Times Faster at Elevated temperatures (80 ºC)

    Its true power is its breakthrough water-soluble performance, which significantly reduces the time it takes to remove the material after its 3D printed. In a recent study, AquaSys 120 was found to dissolve up to twice as fast as a leading brand of PVA at room temperature (22 ºC) and over six times faster at elevated temperatures (80 ºC).

    • Universal adhesion
    • Temperature Stability
    • Up to 6X dissolution Rate


    Fast, Easy, and Consistent
    AquaSys™ 120 Performance

    AquaSys 120 is a completely new, patented material, designed to be used on many extrusion machines and build plates making it easy to use. It is perfect for any print design with several overhanging features or other complex designs. You will be able to avoid any warping or deformations with your build filament.

    This is great for parts with internal cavities where break-away support material could not be removed due to lack of access. This makes your build experience much less complicated and more plug-and-play regardless of the material you’re printing.

    • High-Performance Stability
    • Up to 6X Faster Dissolution
    • Easy Storage
    • Reduce Post Processing

    AquaSys support material is designed to work in build chamber temperatures up to 120 °C, enabling you to print a variety of engineered thermoplastics. Our customers have printed with Dow nylons and various polypropylene, polycarbonate, and TPU materials. AquaSys has been used on many FDM machines including Ultimaker, Lulzbot, Arburg, and Aon3D machines with minimal set-up time.

    Made for your 3D Printer

    AquaSys 120 is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm filament to meet the needs of most professional, industrial, and prosumer 3D printers. Options are also available for direct pellet extrusion and custom material development; contact us for details.

    Technical Information

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    AquaSys™120 – 1Kg 1.75mm Filament $180.00

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    AquaSys™120 – 1Kg 2.85mm Filament $180.00

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